Universal with Kids

I get this question a lot “is Universal good for kids” and the answer is YES! I can see why people ask that question because a lot of people feel like its geared more to older kids and I can see that as well. I visited Universal back in September with my 3 year old and I’m here to tell you this is one vacation he’s constantly talking about or asking to go back. We haven’t traveled since September due to being pregnant with twins but since they have arrived you can bet we have already made plans and can’t wait to get traveling again. My husband and son will be taking a father/son trip to Universal this fall and they both are making their lists to what to hit first.

One of my favorite areas of Universal that is geared a lot towards kids and even adults, especially if you grew up with Dr. Seuss is Seuss Landing. This is located in the Islands of Adventure side of Universal. I feel like I have been morphed into one of the story books when I walk through this area. It is very nostalgic for me and even my 3 year old. There are so many attractions here that are kid friendly. They even have a restaurant that hosts a Character Breakfast with the Grinch.

Who loves Super Heroes? Well I don’t know a child who isn’t into superheroes boys or girls. Super Hero Island is perfect for that! You never know who you will run into while you are roaming the streets, could be Spidey could be Captain America you just never know. You will find several attractions and dining options in this area as well. If you have big kids and adults who are into thrill rides then The Hulk will be perfect for you. I am to chicken to take on Hulk but my husband loved it. So the hulk isn’t for little ones but head down the street and take a ride with Spider-Man. This is 3-D attraction that most kids can ride.

My son is a huge dinosaur lover and so he absolutely loves the Jurassic Park area. I love this part of the park as well. I guess its because I grew up with the first Jurassic Park movie and so when I enter those gates I get goosebumps from just the excitement. There is a fun ride for kids in the Camp Jurassic area. This was one of my son’s favorite rides along with the Jurassic Park water ride. Now, the new Velocicoaster just recently opened but I suggest not taking little kids on that one. There of course is a minimum height you must be before you can ride. But there are some many other fun things to do while you are in Jurassic Park. We loved meeting Blue the Raptor. This was such an entertaining, probably more for me. Seeing the reactions from my husband and son when Blue came up and was interacting with them. I will not admit there could have been some laughter coming from me.

Of course you can’t overlook Harry Potter. Now I will admit I am not a huge Harry Potter fan but I really enjoy those areas of the park. I know a lot of kids who are into reading the books and they enjoy this part a lot. My son really enjoys the wands and using the magical wands.

When you head over into the Universal Studios area I feel like there may be more things for kids to do as far as rides and attractions. From the Minions to ET, these are a lot of 3-D and slow moving rides. My son did ride pretty much everything over in the Studios side.

So don’t think you can’t go and enjoy a fun time at Universal if you have kids because it definitely one of the best trips we have been on as a family. Reach out to one of the agents here and we would love to get you a complimentary quote for your family.

Published by Ashley Evans

I am a travel agent with Marvelous Mouse Travels and an avid traveler! I love all things Disney and Universal! I am a mom of 3 and a wife to Grant. Follow along for all the latest news and tips to travel!

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