So…What Should I Pack in my Universal Park Bag?

Universal Studios is such a fun place to vacation! But a day in the parks can turn from amazing to bad if you aren’t prepared for the day ahead. That’s why I always like to pack a bag (whether it’s a backpack or fanny-pack) to make sure that I have everything I need for a great day at the park.

Sunscreen-Sure you applied before you got into the park, but the Florida sun is hot, and you will need to reapply. I like to purchase a travel size sunscreen to keep in my bag for quick reapplication.

Hand Sanitizer-Germs are everywhere! I make sure to keep 1 or 2 travel sized hand sanitizers in my bag.

Band aids-Boo boos still happen in the park. Keep a few band aids in your bag for blisters, or a scraped knee. It’s even better if you can find fun themed ones!

Small Fan-The Florida Heat can sometimes be unbearable! Make sure to grab a small hand fan or neck fan to keep cool. We especially enjoy fans with a mister built in for a cool spray!

Extra Socks or Flip Flops-If you are visiting Universal, chances are you going to get wet. Between the rain and water rides, your feet may get wet. And aren’t wet feet so miserable? I always pack an extra pair of socks to swap out if my socks get wet or a pair of flip flops to air out my feet or shoes. Your feet will thank you!

Small Umbrella or Poncho-Continuing on the topic of rain, scattered showers are very frequent in Florida! Don’t get caught without a poncho or a small umbrella! Chances are, the rain will only last for a few minutes, and then you can get back to your day!

Portable Power Bank and Cord-We all use our phones all the time, and now with the Universal Mobile App, you will be using it even more in the parks! Also, all the pictures you take will run that battery down! Make sure to bring a portable power bank and cord to keep your phone charged throughout your day!

Lightweight Jacket or Sweatshirt-Depending on the time of year you visit the parks, the evenings in the parks can be rather chilly. Make sure you have a light jacket or sweatshirt to pull on when it starts to get a little chilly.

Water Bottle –Definitely bring a water bottle! I like to bring a thermos type bottle that will keep my water cold all day! BONUS! You can request free cups of water in the parks. Get a free cup, and pour it into your water bottle. The ice will make it nice and cool!

Antibacterial Wipes-These wipes come in handy if you want to wipe down your hands, or maybe a place you’ve found to sit. My kids have a tendency to spill something, and these wipes are our saving grace!

*Bonus: Extra Face Covering-the new protocol in the parks call for a face covering. I definitely recommend you bringing an extra if not two extra. Between sweat and water rides, your mask might get wet. Keep an extra handy in your bag to change it out in the middle of the day.

So there’s a list of some essential items for your park bag! What do you pack for your day in the park? Leave a comment!

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