Should You Use A Travel Agent To Help With Your Universal Vacation?

In this age of technology with everything at our fingertips on our phones and computers, are travel agents really needed? YES, they definitely are! Sure, you can book on your own through the Universal site. Want to know why you shouldn’t do that?

  1. Travel agents are here to assist you with every detail of your trip. We will use our training and experience to help you choose the best time of the year to travel, the best resort to stay in, the best activities to plan to do while on your trip and any other assistance you need. All while helping you stay within your budget!
  2. We have experience with Universal Orlando. This means we know all the secrets! We will share our experiences in the parks and resorts with you so that you can get the most out of your trip.
  3. We make traveling easier! We take the work out of the booking and planning process so you can just have fun! We are there to answer your questions and to be a liaison between you and Universal if any issues arise.
  4. Our agency was voted the #1 agency by Universal Orlando this year! Because of our close relationship with Universal we are able to offer advantages to you such as FREE early park entry even if you stay off site or only purchase park tickets, a perk usually reserved for select hotel guests and select annual pass holders.
  5. We constantly monitor for promotions for your dates until you travel. If a promotion is published that lowers the price of your package we will apply that promotion to save you money!
  6. You are supporting a small business!
  7. Best of all, our services are absolutely FREE to you!

Interested in a FREE quote? Contact me today!

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